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Immunity plays a significant role in maintaining your health and wellbeing, and these healthy habits can help boost your immune system and keep away illnesses.


Tips to Strengthen Immunity

These health tips will help strengthen your immune system:

Heart Surgery in India
Heart Surgery in India


What Treatment our Cardiologist offer?

Interventional Cardiology

It is the branch of cardiology dealing with the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease, angina and congenital heart diseases by insertion of catheters in the blocked arteries.  


It is the branch of Cardiology dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to heart rhythm is called as Electrophysiology.

Electrophysiology Study (EP Study)

It is a test done to record the electrical activity as well as electrical pathways of the heart. It helps in determining the cause of the disturbance in one’s heart rhythm and accordingly the treatment is suggested.

Heart Valve Surgery

We provide both heart repair as well as heart valve replacement surgeries. The department offers both prosthetic and bio-prosthetic heart valves as per the requirements of the patients.

Aneurysm Surgery

Aortic aneurysms are handled with a lot of care and the centre is well known for its huge success rate of having carried out a successful aneurysm surgeries.

Vascular Surgery

The surgery for peripheral vascular diseases, carotid artery disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm are available with us.

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What my Patients say

Best Management and commendable service by All Health Care Professional in This Pandemic for one of My Close Friend for Non-COVID-19 Hospitalisation.

Praveen Ostwal

From contacting the hospital for hospitalization to discharge from the hospital, every process was as seamless/smooth as the most efficient services of the best of the airlines,

Ajay choksi